A block toy with a height at 85mm embodies the world of the artist it represents. brokker is a Japanese toy brand specialized in designing musician figures with the quality to satisfy fans with attention to details. Currently, the brand primarily selects top and existing artists in the domestic market and steadily expands original lineups through direct engagement of the model artists as supervisors and its strong booking ability. The brand’s adherence to these principles is winning the support of fans, as well as the artists themselves.

Each product is produced with new, unique molds.

To make every detail, from costumes to instruments, as close as possible to the characteristics of various artists, we design models exclusively for each product to capture all details in the world of toys.

We realize the quality appreciated by fans.

Attention to every detail, such as expressions, instruments, and even accessories. From unique countenances to their instruments representing the “soul” of the musicians, adherence to meticulous details are brokker’s utmost priority.

Reality pursued under the official supervision of the artists.

From graphic to modelling, every specification is designed under the close supervision of the artists and their managers. Decorated with detailed features specifically instructed by the artists, the figures represent the artists in exact detail!